Midnight (Official Lyric) - IRATION - Hotting Up
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Hotting Up is the next step in the progression of our sound. It’s the most complete album we’ve ever made. The songs, performances, production and end result have never been better. It’s a beat-driven uptempo record, but still contains the signature drum & bass, rocking guitars and catchy melodies/harmonies that distinguish our sound. Pop it in, turn it up and enjoy!

- Micah

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You want it you got it
Make your mind up let’s get things clear
Your living life close to the edge
staying high like a chandelier
Patience not a strong suit
Never wanna cramp your style
But if you know what’s good
Then it’s understood when it’s time I’ll be hitting that dial so

Wait til midnight
For me maybe tease maybe please baby hold the phone tight
Don’t try to do it yourself
Wait til midnight
Holding cold alone under the golden moonlight
Don’t start ringing the bell

Lost in the moment
Pop another bottle of wine
11 o’clock hand spinning
And i can’t wait to see what I find
Just thinking about you
Alone got me ready to run
Just keep those little hands busy baby and we’ll be up til we’re seeing the sun and