Hotting Up (Official Lyric) - IRATION
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Hotting Up is the next step in the progression of our sound. It’s the most complete album we’ve ever made. The songs, performances, production and end result have never been better. It’s a beat-driven uptempo record, but still contains the signature drum & bass, rocking guitars and catchy melodies/harmonies that distinguish our sound. Pop it in, turn it up and enjoy!

- Micah

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Before we met was a chill cold breeze that would spill
asking what have you done for me lately?
I spent my days and nights alone
calling the bar my home
staggering down State Street
but then a glimpse of a light
burning and burning bright
An ember in your stare please baby I know this is right
put your hands in my pocket my picture in your locket
situation’s hotting up nobody gonna stop it

I’m hotting up
Ooh baby I’m hotting up
Summertime weather is better but not enough
I’m hotting up
Baby I’m hotting up
Wanna catch a fever
Wanna be a believer
Hotting up

As nights get colder i’m told that I should be bold
And take up a level
But every path that leads back to getting what i want
Is a deal with the devil
It’s just a spark in the night burning and burning bright
If we can keep this friction hitting I know we’ll ignite
Tossed in the fire, fueled by desire
Messages hotting up burning through the wire